10 Most Valuable Football Sports Cards

In the event that you are a gatherer and affections gathering football games cards, you ought to have fitting agendas ever significant football cards. Shockingly, the greater part of the profitable and priciest ones are from the 1960s. Throughout that period, three significant producers were in spotlight generating cardboards for the NFL and AFL, in any case, Topps was the main organization handling all around the decade. The other two organizations are; Fleer and Philadelphia. The decade handled some noteworthy plans, vertical and level and even exploratory stage for over-estimated thing in 1965.

at allpro

1960s had the most astounding Hall of Famers appearing exchanging card industry. Some of newbies arrived at the famous stage and turned into the most alluring around the authorities. I have gathered a rundown of 10 most significant at allpro football cards ever.

1962 Topps Ernie Davis RC #36 SP - Ernie Davis turned into the first player to pick in the 1962 NFL Draft in the wake of winning the 1961 Heisman Trophy. Likewise, he was the first African-American included in the NFL Draft. Shockingly, he was diagnosed with leukemia before he could showcase his sportsmanship in NFL normal season. He passed away when he was only 23 years of age. It is short-printed and the dark outskirt made it strongly condition delicate.

1963 Topps Bob Lilly RC #82 SP - This Bob Lilly’s Topps youngster card quality is supported because of the way that its a short print. He didn’t miss any general season amusement between 1961 and 1974. He was initially accepted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.

1963 Topps Ray Nitschke RC #96 – Though his youngster football card came in 1963, he appeared in the NFL group general season in 1958 with the Packers. All around his whole profession, he played in Green Bay. He was a key player in the group for both of their Super Bowl I and II triumphs.

1962 Topps Mike Ditka RC #17 – Mike Ditka is the best player, as well as, a standout amongst the most prevalent mentors ever. He was the third part of the Chicago Bears on the schedule.

1965 Topps Joe Namath RC #122 SP - This 1965 Topps youngster is certainly the most looked for after card of the decade. It is a standout amongst the truest game cards ever.

1965 Topps Fred Biletnikoff RC #133 SP -He was chosen to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1988. He was likewise a six-time Pro Bowl collector. His 1965 Topps tenderfoot is an exemplary short print.

Separated from the Topps 6 profitable football games cards, adding to the schedule is the Fleer and Philadelphia’s discharges. Look at the remaining 4 cherished football cardboards from the 1960s.

1963 Fleer Lance Alworth RC #72

1963 Fleer Len Dawson RC #47

1966 Philadelphia Gale Sayers RC #38

1966 Philadelphia Dick Butkus RC #31

Gaming Tester Manual Everything You should know

You will establish an exceptional resume associated with game screening assignments that will assist get much more along along with better having to pay ones afterwards.

Sounds just like a best wants, right? Therefore, if you would like in order to tell a person friends “I game inside a living”, follow the actual steps previously mentioned and you will soon end up being continuing your own journey to creating a full period mum income in the comfort of the console.

All games testers are taken care of any hr of through either from the games these people test. But in order to commence to operate as the tester seriously isn’t all regarding making fun out of this and having understanding of playing games as nicely. It’s the actual tester duty to be certain that the overall game works most definitely with couple of problems as well as defects. Within brief, a tester’s duty ought to be to meticulously go after perfection. Here are a part of the requirements you’ll need for the actual testing work.

1. A individual who is looking as being a video tester will need all the actual gaming understanding and grasp using the universal lingo and functions using the video online game. A examiner doesn’t have a sophisticated instruction of any kind of style, though someone who’s seeking regular are a examiner must have qualifications and now have experience within computer technology.

The couple of drawbacks that include video online game testing do not even arrive near which makes it an “iffy” consensus, and that’s due to the fact this career is completely fun!

Learning to become a Video Online game Tester isn’t actually an simple job. You should not address it just like a side gig, make particular to take note of ever solitary thing the organization you will work for demands. These tend to be five steps being great gaming tester. Once you realize everything you can write lower rather comprehensive reports, making the overall game developer jobs easier and causing you to look really professional, which makes it easier being more work offers, or offered more money.

1. ) Ensure that you learn to see and reread every thing they send it was included using the match, this provides you with a good idea on exactly how and what the knowledge will end up like. The encounter developers would like your suggestions how well the overall game organized from the instructions they have delivered a person. they will even having the deadline, along with a ordinary structure for posting evaluations.

two. ) Remember which you’re not really playing regarding fun… It involves more than just actively playing a gaming normally, have your personal method in order to playing that’s best every single child test out each and every facet from the game, if the experience features more the other character play them all, be looking constantly for something that doesn’t appear normal or from place, remember that you’re a tester not really a new participant.

3. ) When you have some period before the deadline, you should try and start your whole video online game again, you may can’t a person create plenty of time to fight games which take 30+ several hours but breaking the very first half would not injured, many times something a person missed by yourself earlier perform trough’s, when you are near your own deadline, create your last report, be sure to included pretty much every piece associated with information included in your information, start through major mistakes and work aimed at your website down, you would like it to become organized as well as professional, but arranging your report change from game in order to gameplay.

This is actually everything you need to know to be considered a profitable online game tester. It will take a few work but should you care going to play video game titles then this particular wont end up being to high of a trouble, if you wish to learn regarding where to discover a Game tester work just follow the hyperlink at the end on the content.

Steel Gear Increasing Revengence – XBOX 360 CONSOLE Game Evaluation

The Steel Gear sequence has usually fascinated me personally, but I’ve never truly had the actual push to visit out and purchase the online game. With the actual trailer associated with Metal Equipment Rising Revengence searching solid, I chose to make the leap.

You perform Raden the former kid soldier switched cyborg. The plot is placed four years following the Metal Equipment Solid four story.

Raden functions for PMC Maverick Investments, whilst protecting the Africa Prime-Minister. Throughout a routine vehicle convoy trip, Desperado Businesses launches a good attack using the aim in order to defeat diplomacy and keep your nations from conflict.

It’s Raden’s work to protect the serenity and defeat a strong enemy, with obviously some assist from cybernetics professional Doktor.

Game play:
You will love playing because Raven, he comes provided with a sword and may also get secondary weaponry. Unfortunately it’s a pain to obtain these weaponry out and you will not operate whilst selecting them. Slightly stupid if you have a employer plunging in your direction with rockets.

Blade Mode is definitely an awesome add-on and enables you to slice opponents apart in to little items. I’m likely to be completely honest as well as say I’m not the very best at blade type battling games, so virtually sucked from aiming.

During gameplay you are able to cut in to an opponents spine as well as grab away a restore unit. This allows Raden to return to complete health, the industry great function for somebody like me personally who will get hit each and every five mere seconds!
Camera perspectives sometimes perform fail with this game particularly in little or cramped areas and eventually means We struggled to determine all competitors. It isn’t always an issue but is unquestionably a pain using parts associated with Revengence.

Additional Factors:
We rarely point out gameplay songs; however the actual soundtrack of the game requires a mention. It’s fast paced and plain awesome. It completely suits the actual action as well as throughout We was astonished at exactly how good this particular sounds.

After just about all battles you receive a rating for exactly how accurate you had been throughout your own attacks and so forth, this was a very nice contact.

Age Score 18 – Lots of blood along with fighting all through.
Available Upon 2 Systems – Ps3, XBOX 360.
Style Action, Battling.
Missions Tale – Fascinating storyline but a little crazy from moments.
Cost 30 lbs – Along with only 7 several hours of game play, a little bit too large?
Release Day February twenty one 2013 – Uk.

While you would anticipate from Steel Gear, fighting is really a massive positive point. I am not really a fantastic battle gamer, but Used to do enjoy actively playing this.

It is a shame how the game length is actually short as well as camera perspectives sometimes depart enemies slightly from shot.

Also remember the edge mode, possibly the best addition towards the game. I chose to not use this during game play but I understand for additional gamers, this is a should use and you’ll certainly obtain a thrill through cutting a good enemies equip or entire body into little little items.

Metal Equipment Rising Revengence is definitely an impressive mma fighter with throughout action. Despite several problems, this online game has numerous positives and also the music seems utterly amazing throughout game play (7/10).

Best 6 Game titles – Enter the Globe of Exhilaration

Why the actual magnetism for game titles for just about all ages? You will find incredible quantity of diverse designs and kinds of games upon video. If you have been actively playing these best games, you’d know just what you prefer inside a video game as well as perhaps have your own favorites.

Here are some Top 6 Game titles you soon want to play:

1. Assassin’s Creed II – this online game will pull you to the deadly as well as lush Italian language Renaissance environment. It may force you right into a world associated with riches, disciplines and murderous conspiracy theory. You is going to be introduced to some new assassin known as Ezio; the smoothness belongs to some line associated with noxious forebears. The overall game offers the play towards corruption as well as power while you polish your own assassin’s ability.

2. The Lethal Premonition – This can be a third-person motion, horror as well as survival online game that mixes ranged fight, a excellent story in addition to crime analysis. The online game follows the actual journey associated with Francis You are able to Morgan a unique Agent, one delivered to inspect the cruel murder of the juvenile lady. He should solve the various mysteries from the murder in addition to stay in existence where paranormal animals and renowned murderer are going to end their search completely.

3. Aliens versus Predator – this really is another wonderful and come under the group of top video games. It is really a game where you have a frightening and claustrophobic scenario, a location where light is really a friend along with a destination that is never sufficient. You would have been a marine, as well as humanity’s last-line associated with defense, along with automatic weapons and most recent high mind blowing. As the actual marauder, you’ll be outfitted along with some unique and effective weapons while you track your own enemy using their shadows as well as above too. As a good alien, the deadly varieties, you may play using the objects associated with frightening monsters in the mysterious globe.

4. Wow – happens 4 years following the real period plan Wow series which told the actual tale of the twenty 5 year battle between elves, gnomes, humans as well as dwarfs and also the Horde. It’s an exceptional game as well as falls underneath the category of popular video video games. The online game has plenty of variety and lots of detail within the character development. If you perish in the actual play the only real penalty compensated by you’ll be to have the time come to return to the online game. The game supplies a map that fills within the details associated with places you’ve been hence you are able to always monitor where you remain in the online game. It could be a challenging game and also to master it may be a small difficult, however it’s attractive to check out and lots of excitement in order to play.

5. Guitar Leading man 5 – provides the finest number of characteristic rocks to create a totally enjoyable filled online game which functions 85 grasp tracks. With a choice to personalize the makeup from the band by way of several mixture of instruments. You will find different online game modes including RockFest, Profession, Quickplay as well as Party.

6. Lost Earth 2 – the overall game takes devote harsh deserts as well as tropical jungles. The player reaches customize the actual snow sailing on their quest to acquire the control from the changing earth. The participant also reaches control the actual heroes to create an unique interactive encounter.

The very best Ways to buy Video Video games Without Investing An Arm Along with a Leg

Everyone may discover some thing they enjoy on the planet of games. Preschoolers may find out fundamental math, grandmothers may rule the world, and everybody might get some type of enjoyable in the experience. Keep looking at into the next article for much more about the advantages of video video games, as nicely has just how to make the most of them.

It is crucial to understand just how video video games are rated. Today’s video game aren’t just allowed with regard to children, so you should know whether or even not it’s family focused. Every online game has some type of a rating plus they vary through very earlier childhood to simply for grownups. In case your game purchase is perfect for another individual, particularly a small, be sure the game’s content is suitable for that each.

Use the actual adult manage settings provided with the majority of games. See when the game is actually on-line suitable.

Some gaming titles tend to be tailored in the direction of education. Through selecting educational choices, you can offer your own youngsters along with hours associated with enjoyable as well as safe video games enjoyment. Look from on-line reviews provided by various additional mindful parents and you have to are able to discover some good games along with high educational worth for the child.

Discover concerning the Metacritic score just before acquiring video game that are for sale. The game may be on sale because of the fact that no-one values playing this. So, should you get a good unplayable online game, you will not conserve money. Examining away Metacritic scores of each and every game you are considering purchasing might help.

There are most likely certain video games or genres you prefer even a lot more than others. This doesn’t mean to possess blinders onto other video games. Sample different types of games every every once in awhile. You might simply realize that you genuinely love the actual brand-new online game, even though it isn’t one you’d have considered playing prior to.

Attempt playing game titles online. By actively playing characters that many other people order, you can far better develop superb approaches which are effective around a variety of titles as well as platforms. Despite the type of game you are looking at, you will definitely locate plenty of that possess on-line capabilities. Chances have you been will definitely be excellent playing just about everywhere else if you’re good from online video gaming.

Seek product sales on game titles. A lot of rental shops aren’t enduring long. Should you look, you could find a movie shop that will close soon in order to find some fantastic offers upon games as well as accessories. As the discs should be in operating condition, an easy clean functions marvels.

Don’t throw out game titles that tend to be dated or even aging. There are many shops which will allow you to trade within old games for the money. Usage the cash you obtain from providing old games to buy brand-new types.

Video video gaming transports people to unknown globes as well as truths and may teach all of us brand-new things on a daily basis. There are some amazing perks to games. If a person remember the actual insight over, you will be thankful more and become more experienced.

If your own game purchase is perfect for another individual, specifically a small, be sure the game’s material is suitable for that individual.

Learn concerning the Metacritic score just before spending in game titles that are for sale. Try playing game titles online. Search for sales on game titles. If a person look, you may find a movie shop that will close rapidly and find some wonderful deals upon accessories as well as games.


Twenty-eleven became the best with NBA 2k11, improvements in order to core game play elements an brand new IsoMotion dribbling regulates, My Participant mode along with My Profession feature will go deeper, pictures. Gameplay, AI delivering presentations, images, sound, online and much more is the actual commitment associated with NBA 2K10 to consider NBA 2k11 the actual pace of all of the functions necessary for top basketball video gaming experience yet to provide.

Nba2k11 is often a rev upward best PLAYSTATION PORTABLE game through 2k10. Much better performance, images are enhanced, and it’s added brand new moves. You are able to create your personal player within the “My Participant Mode”. Michael The nike jordan is put into this online game so overall it’s the best PLAYSTATION PORTABLE game. I recommend you guys to test this game and revel in. Nba2k11 may be the latest episode on the market and it’s the best promoting, and greatest rated NBA videogame sequence. If you’re a golf ball gamer, nba2k11 is really a big assist practice with regard to learning brand new moves.


* Consider the initiative to another level by having an unprecedented level of control through strengthening the actual Shot Stay. Dozens associated with new kinds of shots, layups, leap shot, dunks and others by the consumer with the actual movement from the stick could be controlled.

* Most abundant in realistic as well as responsible dribbling split update along with smooth changes between movements within the ankle, which customers can convert the movements from the mind as well as dominate like Jordan, an outlier from the image enables.

* Soundtrack from the biggest however to include an eclectic mixture of focus groups and it is very well-liked by hip-hop designers like Large Boi, Drake, and also the original monitor exclusive 12-time Grammy Honor nominee with regard to Snoop Dogg.

* Complete Michael Jordan’s problem to uncover this unique mode exactly where you manage the brand new draft rookie Jordan and deliver its edition of Michael’s career within the NBA.
* Restore 10 various gaming flooring career of Jordan and the actual NBA 2k11 which MJ is at court in order to play. Towards the successful recovery of 10 scenarios within the game in order to unlock MJ: Making Legend setting.

Michael The nike jordan, the finest basketball player ever debut for the very first time in this particular generation associated with hardware as well as brings their passion for that game NBA 2k11 having a totally brand new Jordan problem mode, historic Bulls group, and a MJ: Creating the legend mode giving the players the chance to become a MJ first year and craft a brand new career for any great player Jordan.

In the actual franchise participant mode, should you get a person from an additional team to check starting selection, the Subbed. Let’s imagine for instance, I authorized a business mode and choose Kobe Bryant. He had been my starting place and subbed within the first moment and wasn’t subbed back before last minute from the game. Nicely, you could make your personal replacement, but you can’t do which on my personal single-player setting.

One from the lacks this is actually the players aren’t updated using their team such as Rasheed Wallace nevertheless in Birkenstock boston Celtics, Troy Murphy isn’t a Pacers any longer etc. Even though NBA 2k11 offers its defects, they tend to be masked by all of the fun additional. I suggest this game for your PSP NBA enthusiast. It’s less expensive than NBA 2K10 as well as adds much more.

XCOM Adversary Unknown (2012) Gaming Review

After regarding 18 years because the last XCOM game arrived on the scene, a brand new game within the series finally arrives, and numerous developers possess tried in order to capture in order to feel from the original sequence, but lacked a particular something to create it a genuine successor. Now Firaxis has got the rights towards the XCOM World and their own latest discharge, Enemy Unfamiliar, has created great strides within the “Turn-Based Strategy” style.

The most recent release lives as much as the hoopla of it is predecessors, which reboot remains true as to the made XCOM… XCOM. You’re given the tutorial in order to freshen you on the online game, for each seasoned veterans as well as new gamers alike, and following some brief hand holding you’re thrown to the game in order to lead mankind to achievement, or failing. You possess one bottom to perform with, and it is done inside a ant plantation style, and how they made the bottom and the overall game, you just need 1. In the actual older video games, you needed multiple angles to check out and set up interceptors all over the world, but with this game you are able to deploy satellites and also have interceptors stationed all over the world from the start, and could be deployed, positioned, and managed in the base by itself.

For the bottom there is actually multiple creating options, and you have to excavate to be able to open upward areas to construct said structures. You may build training courses, laboratories, energy generators, and much more options based on what a person research and for those who have the supplies and cash to utilize.

The soldiers with this game tend to be hardier compared to previous online game, and you begin with four soldiers, but may upgrade in order to 6 while using Officer Instruction School, along with other soldier updates. You may outfit your own soldiers along with armor, their own weapons, and an additional item with regard to combat, whether it is a medkit, grenades, arc thrower, or anything you have investigated.

The game’s tale does a great job associated with telling the actual alien battle, through cutscenes, and offer “priority” explanations for products or research that will assist advance the actual story. The cutscenes within the game provide you with a greater facet of what’s going on and tend to be done nicely, without pulling on or even interrupting the actual gameplay.

The main the main game is performed through the actual battlescape, in that you simply move 1 unit at any given time, and after that end your own turn, nevertheless, there is several choices you can use depending in your soldier’s course, his position, and exactly what perks you’ve chosen. most characters have the choice of utilizing overwatch, that ends which unit’s change, but may fire upon any enemies which come within variety. Hunker down is definitely an option accustomed to reduce your own visual variety, in trade for more powerful defense, and you will have to decide your very best options for every single turn. Should you try in order to “Rambo” the problem, you can easily find yourself inside a bad situation and may lose soldiers along the way, and when they die, they aren’t returning.

This online game really can make your prioritize options, in investigation, engineering, and tactical choices about the field and within the air. Would you make much better armor as well as weapons for the troops? Would you expand your own base? Would you get much more satellite protection for more income and decrease panic within the countries? Would you take the risky relocate the battlescape to show the fight for your favor? These questions and much more run through the mind as a person play this particular game, also it does an excellent job associated with showing a person the serious straights how the XCOM forces receive, and can make every battle, every development worthwhile.

General, I discovered XCOM: Enemy Unknown to become an amazing first within the series through Firaxis, plus they did an excellent job associated with bringing this particular franchise to the modern period of video gaming. I have not played the actual Multiplayer, but through what buddies have explained, that’s it’s pretty enjoyable, and Multiplayer as well as Singleplayer tend to be separate from one another, and don’t affect one another by any means shape or even form.

Mobsters: Criminal Empires Facebook Game Review!

Mobsters: Criminal Empires, is a competitive city management game, featuring Player versus Player, city construction, Real time strategy like elements. The game gives you a decent tutorial from which you will learn the basics of city construction, and your resources, plus the combat elements.

The main city screen for this game has buildings scattered about, divided by blocks. You can build and recruit gang members in order to launch strikes and claim these buildings for your own! With a city hall and it’s upgrade, you can then move buildings around for a more strategic setup, or take over abandoned buildings to increase the fog of war in your city, discovering more buildings to take and hold!

This game features 3 main resources, muscle, which is used to recruit your gang member units. Coins is used in the upgrading of buildings, defenses, and upgrading your avatar with stronger clothing and weaponry! Finally, product is used in the construction upgrades of buildings and buying defenses for your city! There are several building types in this game, and resource buildings give you a set amount of a certain type, such as sweatshops giving you product, and gyms giving muscle. Other special buildings are needed as well, such as storage buildings, which increase the amount of all 3 resources you can store at one time, prison yard to recruit units, housing to store said gang members, gun ranges and gang member buildings to upgrade your units to higher levels and become stronger!

Influence is another special resource, which is only gained from friends and gifts sent from them, or by visiting their cities and upgrading them. Influence can be used to store troops at subways, or speed up production of most objects and repairs if your city has been hit.

Your avatar is your own special unit you can send off into battle to help fight with your units on invasions and defense, and buying him new clothing and guns will increase his power and defense! Stamina is the only resource used by the avatar and will recharge over time, but the more powerful he becomes, the more stamina he uses for each deployment. Your avatar can also carry special tools and grenades he can use in combat to deal damage to units and buildings, or heal him and his team, and other special uses.

Combat in this game has somewhat of an Real time strategy (RTS) element in it, which you can deploy units on the outside of the enemy city’s borders. Each unit has their own preference for building types and act on their own, but you can pick their spawn location and you personally control your avatar if you deploy him into battle. Destroying buildings will let you steal resources from them, and obliterating enemy bases is usually the main goal, but taking a nice haul from rivals isn’t a bad idea as well!

As you upgrade buildings to a point, you will sometimes need to ask your friends to help upgrade them fully into the next level. This is especially true with special buildings like storage, gang houses, and housing. This game will require some active friends in order to get the most out of the game!

My only complaint about the game, is it seems to rely on micro-transactions to get the most out of the game, such as having 3 construction workers to build 3 buildings at once. Since this is a competitive game, one can see where some people can get into a “pay to win” strategy, but thankfully its not as bad as some other games on the market which feature competitive play.

Overall this game has potential, but beware of micro-transactions if you intend to get deep into this game, and you will need friends for building upgrades and influence boosts. Give this game a try if competitive base building is your thing, just giving you some forewarning about the micro-transactions!

Overview of The Gaming, The Folk Scrolls Sixth is v: Skyrim!

Bethesda Online game Studios offers just released a brand new chapter within its long term series known as The Folk Scrolls Sixth is v: Skyrim! This huge open world/RPG happens in the visually amazing fictional globe, where each and every new path or atmosphere entered, includes a surprise waiting around. No matter in case your playing the overall game for some hours or a couple of days, there it’s still a mission, item and/or character to discover, that will make you totally brand new territories as well as leave a person with different results.

The numerous different panoramic environments within the Elder Scrolls Sixth is v: Skyrim, contain rocky mountain tops, forests, huge fields as well as decaying tunnels. The interest to fine detail breaths existence into each and every environment, whilst breathtaking pictures compliment every scene, leaving you using the feeling associated with actually being a part of that globe. Freedom is really a big the main game, weather this involves the actual enormity from the world or the way in which that you decide to live inside it. You possess option’s which contain, buying a home and living the easy life, live just like a criminal as well as attack everybody you experience, follow advised quests or simply wander the planet aimlessly. The online game leaves these types of decisions all your decision, guaranteeing which no 2 players will go through the story a similar way.

The game play has a number of steps to follow along with, which enables you to decide just how you need to advance within the game. At the start, all you’re able to choose is really a race (your participant character. ) Through there you’re able to try away different skills before you decide to chose the main one you need to specialize within. Leveling occurs through ability use, meaning the greater skills that you simply use, the greater those ability levels increases. Once enough of those skill groups are equalized, your general character degree increases. This allows you to make decisions at the own speed and in the right period.

Perk factors are another thing achieved whenever leveling, which allows you to spend these phones learn brand new skills or even save all of them until your own sure how you need to use all of them. The much more perks that you simply use, the greater your general combat is going to be. The mean system may be improved, helping you to cast another spell through each hands. Another update that cannot be left away are Monster Shouts. Dragon Shouts provides you with a chance to breath fireplace, slow period, blast pressure waves, shout glaciers and get in touch with dragons. Through searching conditions for term walls, you are able to learn much more shouts contributing to your capabilities. Before you are able to activate any kind of shouts, you have to fight the dragon as well as take it’s soul. Dragons are over Skyrim, making this fairly simple to find and battle a monster.

A Overview of The Gaming, The Folk Scrolls Sixth is v: Skyrim, convinced us that it’s a aesthetically impressive online game with large scenic open up world conditions to discover. The capability to choose as well as customize your own character, brings exhilaration and technique to the online game. How a person customize your own character may decide the road that the actual story will require. The online game has plenty to complete and could keep you amused and returning for much more. We loved playing The actual Elder Scrolls Sixth is v: Skyrim as well as recommend this highly to any or all gamers. This game can certainly be among the best RPG’s that people have actually played! Appreciate!

Gaming Data And Deals is found in Central Nj. We began as a lot of friends which loved the actual gaming encounter. Hours each day we spent attempting to be the very best at what ever game all of us were playing in those days. Searching the net for weblogs or information that could get us to another level was a regular occurrence. Fed up with searching the net, we chose to pool the knowledge as well as create this website. The site is perfect for the severe gamer. Every day blogs as well as discounted video gaming sites tend to be our primary focus. Hope you like the website and all it’s content material.

5 Free Android Games That Stay Installed on My Phone

There are a lot of choices when it comes to games for your phone or tablet and finding a real gem you love can take time. Frankly, I am tired of Angry Birds and I didn’t like Temple Run so i search way past what any distribution site recommends because I know there are games out there that are not uber popular but are addictive to play. Sadly when you get into the nether regions of Google Play, Amazon or BlackBerry App world, you find yourself wading through sewage mostly but I have found a few great games off the beaten path. The following games have not been uninstalled from my phone.


This is literally the first game I ever played on an android phone. Designed like Boggle where you find words in a cube of jumbled letters. My wife loved that game so much that she would commandeer my phone every day when I got home from work. I had to buy her a tablet to stop it.

Robo Defense

Now I know this one is not unknown but I played and played and played this game. As far I have seen, this is the best tower defense game out there. It has power ups and achievements you can earn that make you want to play just one more game. I have the paid version of this one.

Bubble Pop

I use this one as a nice time killer. You barely have to think as the game play is almost automatic. Just match the color of the balls, but it does get harder when they add new colors. You may have seen this game in the kiosk modules at Red Robin.

Friction Mobile

So simple, and yet so addictive. It reminds me of a carnival game the way the gun moves back and forth and fires what seems to be an air hockey puck. When it drifts to a stop, it gets a number 3 on it and you fire subsequent pucks to lower the number until it disappears. The screen fills up quickly if you don’t plan your shots.


Do you remember the game Qix? Well, I do! You are essentially trying to steal screen real estate from the computer and when you have 75% of the screen, you have completed that level. I like the crisp sound effects in this game, the game play and the overall design.


Here is an unknown game that is extremely addictive. It’s a retro style tank game designed like Tron and Combat. The free version only allows you to fire one bullet at a time but is still very fun. I upgraded to the pay version and I am glad I did. It is gratifying to cut through the enemies and stone walls pumping round after round into them. It only takes about 2 minutes to play a level so it’s great when you are standing in line.